I had a client who was in a personal dilemma. He was happily married at the age of 39 years with a kid and a loving wife. Out of nowhere his ex popped up who was going through a bad marriage. She started contacting my client and he was stuck in a moral conundrum. They started dating again, going on vacations and started reliving those old days all over again. My client wanted to do justice for his child and didn’t want to abandon his wife as well.

He contacted me when his wife had discovered his resurfaced relation with his ex. Over a period of one month, I met him and took call over the phone and tried to understand what he really wanted out of his life. He finally realized nothing was more important than his child and his marriage of 12 years.

Today, he has completely stopped talking to his ex, confessed to his wife about his adventures and after a prolonged state of bitterness from the wife, they’re together again having sorted out all the differences.

Google will tell you that Life Coaches are people who help you achieve your goals. Fair enough.

I believe Life Coaches are folks who listen to you and tell you what you need to know. Sometimes we are blinded by emotions, and an external authority is required to clear out blind feelings.

Life coaches are not necessary, but if they’re genuine and experienced, they can sort out your life to a huge extent.

I personally believe I am one as of now with over 50 + satisfied clients who are leading a better life.

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