Thank You Pain!

I have been a mess all my life trying to run behind things I clearly knew I was meant for but just like most of you I was wrong more often than not.
I gave up my emotions, finances and choices so that I could see someone else happy. I’m not that sort of a human who finds happiness within himself, I am not programmed like that. For years, it was just one person in whom I found all that I needed. Today, I realise there are millions of people out there in whose happiness I can find my own.
I guess the pain associated with my constant ramblings and encounters with above mentioned facet of mine has made me a believer in humanity. I try to observe people and understand why they behave in a certain manner, perhaps they’re not crazy, I know for sure they’re just dealing with an interior source of pain.

Yet I believe, yes, I still believe it is all for the good in the end.
Thank you pain!
You made me a believer!

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