The Purpose Of Life

Alcatraz Dey

Fighting through the most basic necessities and fancied whims of other people, sometimes we all saturate and feel like fading away. It is indeed troublesome to see the world suffering and struggling whilst a few filthy and undeserving scrounge away to glory.

Where is the sanity and where is the justice? Are they waiting in the darkness and will they ever come?

Such questions always arise in my mind and I am sure they do in many of the readers. I guess, it is a basic human trait to ponder about humanity as you start perceiving more and more of it. High infant mortality rates, militancy, homicides, sexual molestation of minors, famines, undernourishment, heartbreaks, rejections and failures are the terms that I come across the day numerous times. I stand up and ask myself, what is the purpose of life if we have to suffer through all this?

I am absolutely not a philosophical geek nor am I learned man who can tell you the logical facts behind it. However, having lived a life equivalent to an English breakfast clubbed with an extra spicy Indian lunch buffet, I can briefly tell you how I perceive the world. To begin with, everything we know is a one big lie, in strands of time and in certain memories, they seem factual but with time, every fact and truth changes.

Just like energy, it changes its state from one form to another, on the corollary, I will put it forward that a truth and a lie are similar to an impulse of positive and negative energy irrespective of wherever it arises from. A lie will eventually gather enough negative energy to become a catastrophe. A truth may sooner or later be affected by some sort of energy and it may change. For instance, today your age might be 22 and that is the truth but with the interference of energy, your age after a year will be 23. Hence, the truth is changed.

Coming back to the question at our hand, finding the purpose of our life in this seemingly complex world is but a herculean task but all we need to do blindly is spread and increase the positive energy around us. That is the sole purpose of living, to leave behind more positive energy than there was when you were born. Everything else is a hoax or a truth that can be changed according to favors and corruption.

So, next time you ask yourself, why the hell am I alive? Remember that you were born to spread energy, the good one, around you in any manner possible, through your actions, words, music, teachings or just a plain simple smile.

It isn’t that hard to be honest, we fucking humans have complicated it up.

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