Nobody Bothers If You’re Not Crazy

alcatraz dey

Till the time I was normal, no one bothered.
The sad truth is that no one would even make way for until you’re really special or you’re slapstick crazy and it is completely justified with billions of people on this planet.
We always hear people talking about how different they are but trust me most of them are just 9 to 5 slaves who just crave for good sleep and money in their bank. Tell them to go one week without money and they will lose their sanity.
You want to be different? 
Start by being crazy first. Yes, the normal ones just die without doing anything living in their own comfort zone. You have to be badass crazy to live life on your own terms and for me crazy is not being insane, it is just something that others don’t have the balls to be. Anything a person cannot do or achieve is either stupid or non consequential to them. So, don’t be that lazy corporate slave wishing he could quit his job because this life is ending for you in the next 15-20 years. Even if you go a day without food, it will be better than you listening to your sorry-ass boss who thinks you’re good for nothing.
Ask yourself what is important for you? A job or a life? Someone to love or something to love? I can tell you now and for your whole life that it will come down to these things when you die, no one is going to even turn up at your funeral other than those people who believe in your craziness.
24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year and a sorry 40-50 years of life. You have already spent 25 years of it learning something which will not be useful in the field you work. Doesn’t that make you feel useless? The only way to get out of this rut is to be crazy and in the process not hurt anyone.
Be fucking logically crazy.
Don’t fade away!
Be infectious, be crazy and not worry what the world will think, it’s busy waging wars eating up humanity.

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