“What is life without a bit of mystery, my dear!”

The Serpentine Scrolls

A young boy opens his eyes in a desert and rummages around for the reason behind his bizarre existence.Thousands of years later a young man wakes up after four days and finds himself in Munich.

Two high profile terrorists are covert in the country for two decades.

An intelligence officer, learning to live the pain of his dead wife, is assigned the case.

A girl leaves the love of her life and moves away without any prior warning.Adam and Eve, Jesus Christ, Muhammed, Gautama Buddha, Galileo, Birbal and the saint from Manchale have witnessed something that holds the key to two living beings that a saint is desperately searching for.Leave behind your notions of religion and faith.Leave behind everything that you have known.Discover the truth that will startle you and change you forever.

India Shining

Shantanu has always let down everyone in his life. He does not think so. For Nishi who had to suffer every single day after Shantanu suddenly left her, he is now the person she hates the most. Unknown to them Nishi’s father has left behind a huge secret with her. A trident tattoo on her hand and much more that he never revealed. After years of separation and hatred Nishi is forced to work with Shantanu. Shantanu also has a secret of his own. Powerful men are receiving strange messages from a man called Solomon. He believes there is something very valuable that a geologist has discovered and never revealed to the world. What does the trident mean? Why did Nishi’s father disappear with the secret? What is that Solomon wants? Most importantly what is India Shining?



The Devil Never Loves

For centuries, the concept of the devil has lived in our myths, stories and folklore. The Devil Never Loves Inspects the same aspects based on a thriller narative and human emotions.
Zlatan, a Russian chemist is stabbed brutally in his lab. People believe it’s the devil who killed him as a Satanic cult is on the rise.
Michael Entabby grew in a farm in Athens and has never stepped out into the world. He has been trained unknowingly to be an Assassin.
Interpol agent, Nazar Mathew is running behind a serial killer who calls himself “Satan Slayer” and murders his victims brutally.
The entire black market is ruled by a man called Gustav and he suddenly vanished one day with more than half the money in the world.
Find out why you can never trust the devil. The Devil’s deceptions, lies and ignorance of human emotions will be revealed to the world finally.
Find out why ‘The Devil Never Loves’


Get The Fuck Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Get The Fuck Out Of Your Comfort Zone is more than a self help book. It is an amalgamation of real stories, life experiences and life lessons from a 28 year long life as a fighter pilot, writer, mentor, life coach and most importantly as a human.
The only thing we always seek is peace eventually and that can only be obtained through facing our fears, getting out of our comfort zone, fighting the inner demons and so on.
The only thing you need to do in life is to get the fuck out of your comfort zone and strive for your passion. This book can put you on a similar path and help you understand why dear and pain are your best friends.


The Woebegone Writer

The Woebegone Writer is the collected short works of Alcatraz Dey from 2014 to 2016. It includes the famous web-series Alzador and Marinara apart from the initial and less popular works of Alcatraz Dey. It is an insight into how his writing has transformed over the years. A journey from being an amateur to a not so amateur writer, The Woebegone Writer.

“Books are more than just pages and printed words and those

who find the meaning of it, in sense, live a better life.”