Bangalore Psycho – Kill Me Instead – Chapter 5

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A few months ago, Avinash was sipping his cup of tea when his father initiated a conversation with him. It was a Sunday afternoon and even his mother joined in for the sake of it.

“What are your plans for the future?”

“I want to kill her.” He replied to his father vehemently.

“Talk like an adult. Get over with it, she left you, deal with it.” His father tried putting some sense into his dilapidated mind.

“Did I ever stop you when you used to come drunk and beat the shit out of my mother? I never did.”

“What do you mean?”

“Stay away from my life, else I will kill you and kill mother also because she is too devoted to you despite being mistreated all her life.”

“Your son has lost his senses.” His father started screaming at his mother.

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Zaltrac had stopped near a tea shop outside the town hoping to find answers from all the possible clues that had crawled up. His cigarette count had gone up again. He looked at his forearms as he let go of some smoke from his cleansed mouth. His father had stubbed a cigarette on his arm when he was still 9. It was his way of punishing Zaltrac for not sleeping on time.

Long hair- rotten eggs – number plates

Why are you killing people? Zaltrac wanted to ask the Bangalore Psycho as soon as he caught him but that seemed like a distant dream. Janak had raided the address picked up from the number plates. The entire house was empty. The kitchen had been burned down and one of the rooms had a huge graffiti on the wall.

“You should Have Killed Me Instead”

It was written in blood and it had been sent for DNA profiling. Now, they also had the DNA of the killer but there weren’t any new leads since the past 3 days. No new murders, no new victims and no new clues or witnesses.

The same day, somewhere near Banshankari, Avinash opened the elevator doors and knocked on the door. As soon as the women opened the door, he stabbed her in the eye. As she fell to the floor, and begged for mercy, he went to the kitchen and broke a few eggs in the kitchen sink. He washed his hands, and came back to the hall and stood over her.

He opened his hair and lifted the knife above his head. For the next 15 minutes, he kept stabbing her till there was not an inch which was not perched. He went to the kitchen again and washed the knife, tied his hair again and popped a cigar in his mouth. His hands started shaking again. Amazingly, they never shook when he held the knife in his hand. His mind suddenly went back in time when he was a 7 year old. His father was kicking her mother on the bed while he hid under it. He was a drunken monster who did not even have the balls to talk and apologize in the morning. He feared his father, and every time he saw his father at night, his hands started shaking. It was a reaction over which he had no control.

A child idolizes his father, even if he is a monster!

A few minutes later, Zaltrac’s phone rang.

“Sir, Janak this side. One more murder has taken place in Banshankari. Victim is stabbed in the eye, and rotten eggs were found in the kitchen sink. This time he stabbed her all over the body multiple times.”

“I thought he would not kill again.”

“He has and that too very brutally, sir.”

“I am on my way.”

“One more thing, Sir.”

“Tell me.”

“The victim, Akshara, was friends with our previous victim, other than that she has nothing to do with any sort of astrological practices.”

Avinash lay still on the grasslands outside Hessarghata. He had dug the knife next to him and was watching the sun burn him up.  He was hungry, sick and fatigued all at once.

I didn’t want to kill again but I just couldn’t stop myself. She had to die; she instigated her to leave me because I was not good enough.

Once, you have tasted blood, you will make others bleed, again and again.


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