Bangalore Psycho – Catch Me If You Can – Chapter 6

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Darkness often originates in places where we least expect it to and sometimes in places where it is pretty obvious. What more can you expect from a child who has not seen a night where there is no chaos at home. Avinash lay still in the grasslands as he fathomed inside his mind to find a plan of action. He wanted to end his life as well but he could not gather the courage. There was nothing left for him in the morbid world anymore.

He had killed his own parents, and then he had killed her brutally as well. He looked at his hands against the backdrop of the sky. He wished they never shook again but that was something he had gotten used to; from the very first day he realized that his father was a drunken monster.

Next to him on the dew laden grass sat a newspaper he had bought on the way. The 3rd page of the newspaper had headlines that sprouted confusion inside him.

Bangalore Psycho – Serial Killer On The Loose In Bangalore

In a startling revelation by the city police, a serial killer has been identified in Bangalore. He stabs people in the eye, throws rotten eggs around and has no said pattern with his victims. Officials believe that he is a lunatic with no purpose in life and perhaps is a deranged soul.

The Police are yet to reveal more details but the officer in charge of the case has stated that they are just one step away from nabbing the psycho killer.

Press Trust Of Bangalore

At times, even if you want to lay low and be unseen, your ego does not let you do so. Avinash stood up, lighted a cigar and watched the newspaper burn. He picked up the knife and concealed it in his velvet bag. As he walked towards his car, he searched for the keys ruthlessly only to discover it inside his car.

He put the car in neutral and started pushing it. He kept pushing it for an hour, in the humid weather, against the heat of the sun until he reached the lake in the middle of the grassland. The car was buried under water. For him, it had been days since he took a bath, for his car, it was just a moment ago.

Zaltrac was reading the newspaper article he had asked to be published. It is always about satisfying your silly ego!

Janak walked in with an envelope in his hand. It was addressed to Zaltrac. Janak took his permission and tore the envelope gently. Zaltrac looked on at the activity with a cigarette in his mouth. I need to quit smoking again, godamn!

Inside the envelope was a small letter. Janak handed it over to Zaltrac who stubbed his cigarette and read it. There will be times in your life that even the most morose and mundane things will seem exciting and yet there will be times when even the most exciting things may seem morbidly morose.

Zaltrac laughed and swiveled around in his chair. He knew he had hurt the Psycho’s ego.

He placed the letter on the table and asked Janak to bring in the entire team. It was time to play games.

Janak walked away and Zaltrac read the letter again.

1800 Hours

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Catch Me If You Can!


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